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 “When we understand that our circumstances and personal life experiences are the result of our inner life and not the cause, we will pursue peace of mind at all cost.” — Laura Nash  

Laura Nash is a consultant and instructor, guiding both individuals and groups to attain their goals using a surprisingly simple and effective vehicle: PEACE OF MIND. Her clients come from all walks of life – CEOs and senior executives of major corporations, professional athletes, artists, physicians – anyone seeking to improve their life. Her philosophy is that people already intuitively know how to solve any dilemma. They, merely, get so bogged down by the details of an issue or the emotion surrounding it, that they cannot discern their own answers. Laura demonstrates how to cut through mental chatter to arrive at the simple solution. 


Why should I meditate?

 Meditation is one of the most powerful tools there is to help us restore the harmony within and to gain access to our bodies’ inner 

intelligence. In meditation, we rediscover the silence in our mind and make it part of our life. Silence is the birthplace of happiness. It is where we get our bursts of inspiration, our

tender feelings of compassion, our sense of love. 


How will meditation affect my health?

Today doctors are increasingly citing stress as a major factor in such illnesses as depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, cardiac pain, insomnia, diabetes, ulcers, cold, fever, asthma, arthritis and alcoholism. Even though meditation should not be considered a cure by itself, research has shown that it contributes to reducing stress and achieving deep relaxation and a profound state of rest. By reducing stress, meditation has important benefits for a wide range of health problems, and also allows the mind and body to function with maximum effectiveness.


 Awareness is the most vital component of change.  Most of our trouble derives from the significant portion of our attention that is focused in the past or projected out into the future.  Since these two states of awareness only exist in imagination this is a significant handicap. How can anyone fully capitalize on the power-to-create that only exists in the present, when they are not fully present themselves? 

Where our attention flows, energy goes.  In turn, energy transforms. Consciously or unconsciously, we choose what we experience through what we give our focus and the energetic quality of that attention.  Our positive and negative perceptions are impacting our lives, not the objects of our attention.  

It is imperative that we discipline the brain to choose its focus and choose favorable perspectives regardless of circumstances. Without mental discipline we are in a prison of past conditioning held hostage by our brain.

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